Chinese troops build up in Vietnamese border

Significant number of military troops and hardware from China’s People’s Liberation Army are said to be moving near to the Vietnamese border. Photos of tanks and troops were uploaded by Chinese citizens living near the said border.

Reports say that Huu Nghi Border Gate to Vietnam has been closed, and Chinese troops in full gear were taking train ride going to the border city Pingxiang in southern China’s Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, where Sino-Vietnam war in 1979 occured.

Endless stream of troops with tanks, launchers, and heavy artillaries were spotted by Chinese nationals saying war with Vietnam is imminent.

Over the weekend, after bloody anti-China riots collapsed in Vietnam, Chinese government discouraged nationals in travelling Vietnam. Also, ships were sent to evacuate over 4000 Chinese.

China’s foreign ministry said, “China will consider taking further steps depending on how the situation plays out.”

Chinese Military

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