One term for PNoy not enough

“Democracy is a means, not the end. Therefore you have to get into the rule book and change the rule and use political platform to make things faster,” KRA Group Malaysia CEO Karim Raslan said during the World Economic Forum – East Asia talks on “Philippines: The Next Asian Miracle.”

According to Raslan, having a six-year term for the president is tough to plan a long term vision for growth. “You need two terms, one term is not enough.”

“We do have a very positive momentum in the Philippines for the past two to four years,” said Kevin Lu.

One term for PNoy not enough

Not only economic leaders. Call for a second term for President Aquino is not only coming from business leaders but also from Filipino netizens who want to secure AFP modernization to push through the last phase.

Ammendment of the Philippine Constitution is needed to have the president’s term extended possibly via another election.

“It’s actually easier for the next government because a lot of the hard work has been done. They just have to keep the country on the right track, which is not harder than what has happened in the last 10 years when the government has been struggling with high debt and macroeconomic problems. Many of the issues have been resolved,” Rajiv Biswas, Asia Pacific chief economist at IHS told InterAksyon.

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