About Us

Ang Malaya Net aims to ‘freely’ provide quality news for every Filipino around the world.  Ang Malaya Net is dedicated to bring timely and unbiased articles that will keep readers in-the-know.  Ang Malaya Net service will remain free and unbounded.

Ang Malaya Net has an average 15,000 daily readers.  Ang Malaya Net is being managed by group of highly professional individuals to keep credibility and accountability.

Ang Malaya Net currently has a news service contract with state media Philippine News Agency.

Grace Gonzales – Chief Editor gracefuentes@angmalaya.net
Ishi Gonzales – Nation News Editor ishigonzales@angmalaya.net
Ruser Mallari – World News Editor rusermallari@angmalaya.net

Iara Jolo – iarajolo@angmalaya.net
Samuel Fuentes – samuelbiag@angmalaya.net
Uel Balenia – uelbalenia@angmalaya.net