IN VIDEO: Vietnam returned fire at 15 Chinese vessels

One hour of water canon fight occurred yesterday, Monday May 12 at East Vietnam Sea near where a Chinese oil rig is currently place and surrounded by approximately 80 Chinese vessels and warships including military air-crafts. The said water canon fight happened between a Vietnamese fisheries surveillance ship trying to approach the Chinese oil rig […]

Chinese general wants to attack Ayungin Shoal

Luo Yuan, a retired Major General of People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China, said in his commentary regarding the recent arrest of 11 Chinese fishermen, “We have maintained a great deal of restraint and patience. Philippines invaded our eight reefs, and is now arresting our fishermen. When are we going to fight back?” “It is […]

Filipino netizens boycott China-made goods amid West PH sea tension

Amid tension between China and Philippines, which heated up during the past week after arrest of eleven Chinese fishermen, Filipino netizens have expressed their call in joining them to boycott Chinese products. Filipino netizens said that even there is no official call from the government to boycott Chinese goods they took the initiative to start […]