Chinese general wants to attack Ayungin Shoal

Luo Yuan, a retired Major General of People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China, said in his commentary regarding the recent arrest of 11 Chinese fishermen, “We have maintained a great deal of restraint and patience. Philippines invaded our eight reefs, and is now arresting our fishermen. When are we going to fight back?” “It is […]

Filipino netizens boycott China-made goods amid West PH sea tension

Amid tension between China and Philippines, which heated up during the past week after arrest of eleven Chinese fishermen, Filipino netizens have expressed their call in joining them to boycott Chinese products. Filipino netizens said that even there is no official call from the government to boycott Chinese goods they took the initiative to start […]

Bidding documents for anti-sub helicopter leaked, torpedo and missile required

Bidding documents specifically Section 7 which contains technical specifications of the anti-submarine helicopter for Philippine Navy currently on the bidding process was leaked in the internet. According to the alleged bidding document, the Department of National Defense is looking for two brand new anti-sub helicopter that have the capability of loading 1800 kgs of cargo. […]

France to PH: you don’t need to only have one ally

French Navy Commander Frédéric Daumas, commanding officer of the visiting Prairial – a French multi-purpose frigate, said It will be a good idea to have procurements from other countries, not just from the United States. “It’s not to say that they are not our best ally, because they are the best ally of everybody. But […]

Real ‘Clash of Clans’ kills 8 in Sulu

Eight people were killed and another one was wounded in what authorities described as “rido” (clan war)-related shooting in Sulu Tuesday afternoon. Joint Task Group Sulu commander Brig. Gen. Alan Arrojado said the firefight took place at Barangay Pislong, Siasi town. Arrojado said initial investigations indicated the family members of one Alam Sayadi fired at […]