Pacquiao ready to knock-out Bradley

“For this fight, I’ve been pushing Manny and preparing him to work for all three minutes of every round.  I really think that if Manny works consistently throughout the entire round and pushes Bradley, making him work for every minute, I think we can stop him on Saturday night,” Manny Pacquiao’s coach Freddie Roach said.

Manny Pacquiao

Friday in Las Vegas, Pacquiao and Bradley weighed-in with 145 pounds and 145.5 respectively.  “I feel like a hometown boy. This is like a home game for me,” Pacquiao said after witnessing a warm welcome from a ninety-nine percent pro-Pacquiao crowd in Las Vegas.

“He’ll have to prove it in the ring.  A lot of people say they’re going to [knock me out], but not many do it.  I have to finish my business,” Pacquiao commented on Bradleys statement that he will knock-out Pacquiao.

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