Former PHL president to personally apologize in Hong Kong

Former Philippine president, Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada will be flying to Hong Kong after the Lenten Season to personally apologize and present a city resolution apologizing for the Manila hostage crisis last 2010  that ended lives of tourists from Hong Kong .  Estrada said in an interview with GMA 24 Oras, “I would say we’ll meet the highest official there. – the [chief executive] of Hong Kong if I will be given a chance.”

Manila Mayor Erap Estrada

The former president said he will apologize in behalf of the people of Manila and not of the Philippines.  Estrada will be accompanied by Manila Councilor Bernie Ang.

Hong Kong had issued several sanctions after failing to receive a formal apology from the Philippine government.  These sanctions includes requiring Philippine diplomats and officials to have a special visa before coming to China’s Special Administrative Region.  As of the moment, Malacanang is still on the talks with HK officials to reach a mutual ‘satisfactory conclusion’.

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