Chinese vessels attack Vietnamese fishermen operating in traditional fishing grounds – reports

An association of fishermen in central province of Quang Ngai in Vietnam is protesting two recent attacks made by Chinese vessels. Attacks to Vietnamese fishermen while operating in their traditional fishing territory resulted to several injuries and lost of properties, Vietnamese news agencies report.

First attack was last June 7 when Chinese vessels water cannoned a Vietnamese vessel with 13 men. “We signaled the ship not to use water cannons any more but they continued to do so while we were bailing water out,” Doan told Thanh Nien Newsshowing his injured leg. “My left leg was broken. Doctors said I wouldn’t be able to walk in the next three months.”

“We demand that China immediately stop such assaults, which are inhumane and against international law, on Vietnamese fishermen doing their work in waters under Vietnam’s sovereignty,” said Bui Hong Van, deputy chairman of the Binh Chau Commune Fishery Association.

The second incident was on June 10 when four Chinese vessels surrounded Nguyen Van Phu’s vessel. “The foreign ships, in white paint and numbered 589, 3103, 64501 and 35101, then sent two speedboats carrying six people to approach the Vietnamese ship,” Tuoi Tre News reports.

Reports added that the Chinese nationals forced the Vietnamese to hand over six tons of catch including their communications and fishing devices.

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