US Naval Base Guam receives most technologically-advanced sub: Rebalance to Asia-Pacific

The United States military deployed Los Angeles-class nuclear-powered fast attack submarine USS Topeka (SSN 754) to its new homeport US Naval Base Guam last May 29. She is currently the most technologically-advanced submarine of Submarine Squadron 15 based at Naval Base Guam.

“Topeka is the fourth submarine assigned to Commander, Submarine Squadron (CSS) 15 as part of the Navy’s long range plan to put the most advanced and capable units forward,” the US Navy said. “Prior to arriving in Guam, Topeka completed an engineering overhaul at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, N.H.”

CSS-15 Commodore Captain Jeffrey Grimes said “from bow to stern she has been completely upgraded, the most technologically-advanced submarine we have.”

“Guam is the Navy’s best kept secret,” he said. “Once they get here, you can’t get them to leave.”

“She brings a new level of sophistication and fire power that we need in the Pacific,” Grimes added. ““This is an overall rebalance of the naval forces into the Pacific, so picking up another naval submarine to Guam gives us more capability to continue to reinforce our partners, provide a level of conventional deterrence and support the ongoing efforts that we have.”