USS George Washington leaves Japan for patrol missions

Nimitz class aircraft carrier USS George Washington leaves Yokosuka, Japan for its final patrol mission in Western Pacific before it undergoes nuclear refueling and complex overhaul (RCOH). “George Washington underwent a six-month SRA period and completed dock trials, fast cruise, and four days of sea trials,” the United States Navy reports.

Aside from patrolling, George Washington strike group commander Rear Admiral John Alexander said the aircraft carrier will participate in drills before it ultimately heads to Newport News, Virginia for RCOH later this year.

The giant aircraft carrier left Japan last Monday after seven years of being deployed. It was the first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier stationed overseas by US Navy. USS George Washington will be replaced by a newer Nimitz class aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan. Some crew members of George Washington will transfer to USS Ronald Reagan which will continue to patrol the the region.

“USS George Washington will now begin a journey, which will end in Virginia, but some of the crew of USS George Washington will transfer to Ronald Reagan during our voyage,” George Washington’s commanding officer Captain Timothy Kuehhas said.