Allies stronger when standing together

“We have an ironclad commitment to the sovereignty, independence, and security of every ally. And we’ll expand cooperation between allies, because we believe we’re stronger when we stand together,” this is one of the strong statements of United States President Barack Obama while he is in Australia with G20 leaders including Russia and China.

Obama added that more military exercises will be done in the Philippine in the coming years. “With the Philippines, we’ll train and exercise more to prepare for challenges from counter-terrorism and piracy to humanitarian crises and disaster relief.”

United States President added that “the United States will continue to modernize our defense posture across the region. We’ll deploy more of our most advanced military capabilities to keep the peace and deter aggression.”

It is projected that approximately 60 percent of Navy and Air Force assets of US will be based in Asia-Pacific towards the end of this decade.

“We’ll increase military training and education, including working with the military partners we have in this region around the respect for human rights by military and police,” Obama added.

“And keep in mind we do this without any territorial claims. We do this based on our belief that a region that is peaceful and prosperous is good for us and is good for the world.”

However, in the the Philippines, constitutionality of Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) is being questioned in the Supreme Court.