US deploying best war machines in Asia-Pacific

Sixty percent of US Navy, Air Force assets to be positioned in Asia-Pacific

By 2020, US Navy and Air force will position 60 percent of its strength in Asia-Pacific including 100,000 troops. US defense will expand its reach regardless of budget, Deputy Defense Secretary Work added. “That is what makes us the only true global power.”

A lot of individuals from private and government sector in Asia-Pacific are asking how serious US is in its ‘Rebalance to the Pacific.” High ranking Pentagon official Robert Work laid out almost all the details on how US will be doing the rebalance.

Rebalance in Asia “is geographically dispersed, operationally resilient, politically sustainable, with an aim of maintaining peace and prosperity in one of the most important regions in the world, and regardless of the level of our budget, that will go forward.”

Work said Pacific Command is recalling all its Army from Afghanistan with all their equipment and assets. Four Marine air-ground task force were also distributed in the region.

“Our Pacific-based forces will all have our best and most advanced equipment, equipped with the most advanced payloads that we can possibly give them.”

“The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter going to go first to the Pacific,” Work noted. The “stealthy and highly capable Zumwalt destroyer” is also expected to be deployed in the Pacific on 2018. Aegis ballistic missile defense ships, missile defense systems and radars are also being relocated to key areas in the region.

The new P-8 maritime patrol aircraft will be armed and will also be deployed in Asia-Pacific.

“Pacific Air Forces are going to have our most advanced weapons, to include stealthy, long- range attack missiles and longer-range air defense missiles,” he added.

“The Navy is going after a new long-range anti-ship missile, which will allow it to engage ships at standoff ranges.”

“The four biggest construction projects since the end of the Cold War are going on in the Pacific,” Deputy Defense Secretary Work said.