US will definitely respond militarily to any engagements against allies

United States will definitely respond militarily if an ally is engaged or threatened in the Asia-Pacific region. US Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work said in his speech at Council on Foreign Relations, “While the Senkakus are under Japanese control, Article 5 applies, and we would respond if there was an attempt to take the Senkakus.”

Work then emphasized, “We would definitely respond militarily to certainly any engagements against our allies.”

By 2020, US Navy and Air force will position 60 percent of its strength in Asia-Pacific including 100,000 troops. US defense will expand its reach regardless of budget, Deputy Defense Secretary Work added. “That is what makes us the only true global power.”

Work noted that US military is establishing more weaponry including ballistic missile defense ships, maritime patrol aircraft and missile defense radars in Asia-Pacific. He added that the first new military base in Japan after World War II will be established.

Japan is a “cornerstone of our alliances in Asia,” the high ranking Pentagon official said.