Largest Japanese warship now on sea trials

Japan’s Izumo-class helicopter carrier is now on sea trials. The 250-meter helicopter carrier will be on sea trials for six months before its commissioning next year.

The carrier is the largest built warship for Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force after the Second World War. As a multi-role ship it can carry out anti-surface, anti-submarine warfare and amphibious operations.

The warship looks alike to a light aircraft carrier and is even larger than few class of light aircraft carriers. For some restrictions in the Japanese constitution, the carrier is called helicopter destroyer. The warship is legally an anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and humanitarian and disaster relief (HADR) platform.

It has 5 helicopter landing area and can carry up to 30 helicopters. It has an unofficially declared capability of carrying multi-role fighter jets.

With the latest in Japan’s arms development, China has expressed concerns. “We are concerned over Japan’s constant expansion of its military equipment. Japan’s Asian neighbors and the international community need to be highly vigilant about this trend. Japan should learn from history, adhere to its policy of self-defense and abide by its promise to take the road of peaceful development.”