US conducted military drill focused on nation denying international access

United States recently conducted a military exercise aimed to counter a belligerent nation trying to impede access in international waters and airspace. US military officials make it certain that no particular nation is being considered while doing the exercise.

Valiant Shield exercise was held in the past week within the western part of Pacific Ocean. The exercise involved 18,000 US military personnel.

Air-Sea Battle concept was incorporated in the exercise. The concept seeks to ensure freedom of action in the global commons and is intended to assure allies and deter potential adversaries.

According to Stars and Stripes, Air-Sea Battle concept includes “set of tactics that first blinds an enemy’s communications in space and cyberspace, then destroys land and sea-based weapons platforms.”

Amid the statement of US military that there is no particular country being considered as deterrent during drills, Aaron Friedberg, a Princeton University professor said there is no doubt “Air-Sea Battle is about China.”

At present, China is the only nation who blocks international waters and airspace and does a large scale “anti-access, area-denial” which is the main concern of Air-Sea Battle concept.