In a press conference conducted by Chinese Foreign Ministry, a journalist asked a topic regarding the increase in military spending of three countries involve in maritime spat with China.

“There is a review saying that countries like Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam have been increasing their military spending in recent years in response to China’s growing military expenditure and expansion. Does China agree with this? Or are there any other reasons,” the journalist asked.

Spokesperson Hua Chunyin answered, “You mentioned that those countries expand their military in response to China’s military expansion. There are several loopholes in this logic.”

“China has reiterated that China is committed to a path of peaceful development and adopts a national defense policy that is defensive in its nature. Our national defense expenditure is transparent and moderate and meets our need to safeguard national security.”

“You may find that it is not China who takes provocative and aggressive actions, but those countries you mentioned,” adding that to protect their sovereignty they have implemented some countermeasures.

“We hope that relevant countries can view China’s development with a correct attitude, work together with China and contribute positive energy to maintaining and promoting peace and stability in Asia,” she added.

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