US deployed Carl Vinson Carrier Strike Group in Asia-Pacific

“The Carl Vinson Carrier Strike Group departed August 22 for a scheduled deployment to the Western Pacific and U.S. Central Command area of responsibility,” United States Navy said in a news release.

The strike group has approximately 6,200 Sailors and will focus on maritime security operations and theater security cooperation efforts.

Carl Vinson carrier is supported by cruiser USS Bunker Hill, destroyers USS Gridley, USS Sterett, and USS Dewey. These support warships will “provide deterrence to potential adversaries, promote peace and security, preserve freedom of the seas, and provide humanitarian/disaster relief as necessary.”

The Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson is embarked with at least five squadron of F/A 18 variants.

According to US Navy this is a planned deployment. The strike group will patrol in the Pacific and Middle East.

Prior to deployment, August 19, a US Navy P-8 anti-submarine warfare jet encountered a Chinese fighter jet. Pentagon described it as “very, very close” and “very dangerous.”

White House also vowed to protect American citizens regardless of international boundaries. This is amid Islamic State’s terror activities in Iraq and Syria.

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