China to US: do not exaggerate, there is no tension in the sea

“The United States and Asean have a common responsibility to ensure the maritime safety of critical global sea lanes and ports,” US secretary of state John Kerry in front of ASEAN foreign ministers.

“We need to work together to manage tensions in the South China Sea and manage them peacefully and also to manage them on a basis of international law,” Kerry added.

On the contrary, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told reporters, “Someone has been exaggerating or even playing up the so-called tension in the South China Sea.” He is pertaining to US as ‘someone’ from outside the region.

“We do not agree with such a practice, and we call for vigilance in the motives behind them,” the Chinese minister added.

According to report, US Secretary Kerry made the Chinese minister wait for 30 minutes before entertaining him for a talk.

“Tensions in the South China Sea have worsened in the past few months and continue to deteriorate,” Philippine foreign secretary Albert del Rosario said in the meeting in Burma.

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