China will build five lighthouses in disputed waters

After stating that they can do whatever they want in Spratly Islands, China declared lighthouses will be built in five islands in Paracel group.

“What China does or doesn’t do is up to the Chinese government. Nobody can change the government’s position,” said deputy head of the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Boundary and Ocean Affairs Department Yi Xianliang.

According to South China Morning Post, the Navigation Guarantee Centre of South China Sea decided to build lighthouses at North Reef, Antelope Reef, Drummond Island, South Sand and Pyramid Rock.

When built, China’s presence and sovereignty claim over the said territory will be stronger. Vietnam government already expressed strong opposition on China’s plan.

Navigation Guarantee Centre of South China Sea gathered firsthand information for eight days that started July 27. Technicians inspected and tested communication signals using the Beidou satellite navigation system and fishing navigation system.

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