US moving troops from Middle East to Philippines

“We are going to move forces that were freed up because of our withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan and make them more present in this region because of the importance of this region,” US Ambassador to the Philippines Philip Goldberg said before Philippine Constitution Association as reported by

“The fact that [building US military bases in the Philippines] is not allowed in this agreement (EDCA) but I can tell you we are not in the business of opening bases these days. What we are doing to the Philippines is largely based on helping the Philippines as it carries out what it wants to do.”

US Middle East troops to Philippines

“The US continues to oppose the kinds of policies that impinge on the rights and freedoms on the lawful use of the navigation of the sea,” the diplomat said.

“It is in our interest because of our enduring alliances our rebalance, our belief that freedom of navigation in the air and on the sea are extremely important principles once the US needs to be part of and in helping our allies to address these issues,” Goldberg stressed.

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