China seriously damaged Vietnamese ship, keeps five warships in Vietnam

“A ship belonging to the Viet Nam Fishing Surveillance Department was deliberately rammed and seriously damaged by two Chinese ships illegally operating in Vietnamese waters yesterday,” as reported by Viet Nam News.

According to the report, “two Chinese tugboats 284 and 285 and a maritime patrol ship No. 11 blocked Vietnamese fishing surveillance ship KN-951 and steadied it on one side. The action allowed tugboat coded Xinhai 285 to ram the other side, seriously damaging the ship.”


Vietnamese fisheries surveillance ship KN-951 seriously damaged. — Photo

Currently, 44 coast guard ships, 15 cargo ships, 19 tugboats, 35 fishing vessels and five battleships are guarding the oil platform Haiyang Shiyou-981 that was illegally operating in Viet Nam’s sea since May this year.

Vietnamese law enforcement agencies are still trying to communicate to demand the immediate removal of the rig out of Vietnamese waters.

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