Australia, US move for better protection of Asia-Pacific

In Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott visit to Whitehouse, the US and Australia have come to a military cooperation agreement that will enable the US to send more troops to its military base in Australia.

“We have arrived at additional agreements around force postures that will enhance the bilateral co-operation agreement between our militaries and gives us additional reach throughout this very important part of the world,” US President Barrack Obama said during the visit of Aussie PM.

“I want to assure the President [of US] that Australia will be an utterly dependable ally of the United States,” AU Prime Minister said. “The US has to share many burdens. The US has paid a very high price to secure peace and prosperity for many countries not just itself and the US should not have to do all that work on its own”

US and Australia will also work to expand ballistic-missile defense in the Asia-Pacific region. The US have also expressed its intentions to position more warships and aircraft in Australia.

AU US to protect Asia Pacific

These military co-operation and commitments between US and Australia is in the wake of South and East China Sea disputes, and Korean peninsula tension.

China quickly commented on the said US-AU agreement, “We hope that cooperation between relevant countries will play a positive and constructive role in upholding peace, stability and prosperity of the Asia-Pacific.”

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