Bob Arum: Philippine press reporting ‘lies’ impeded Pacquiao-Mayweather negotiations

“A lot of it was impeded by some elements of the Philippine press who were reporting lies that had no basis in reality but impeded the negotiations,” Top Rank’s Bob Arum told GMA Network’s news program 24 ORAS in an interview.

Arum said the negotiations was affected by several factors including ‘mistrust’ between two camps and ‘lies’ spread by the press. Bob Arum also said this contract without a rematch clause is no problem. “I tell you, there’s going to be one winner from this fight, and it’s gonna be the congressman from Sarangani, Manny Pacquiao.”

However, for Floyd Mayweather Jr. “it was very, very difficult. We forced them to fight. We gave them no choice. Al and Bob and HBO and Showtime were going back and forth, trying to make the fight happen.”

“It was a battle, but everybody is happy now and it’s time to give the people what they want to see,” Mayweather told “I think how we were able to make the fight this time was me sitting down and meeting with Pacquiao one on one.”

“It was extremely difficult, but like I said before, I’m truly blessed to be in a position to make nine figures in thirty-six minutes (12 3-minute rounds),” the American boxer said.