The Voice of the Philippines result leaked, Leah furious

‘The Voice of the Philippines’ coach Leah Salonga expressed her anger to an audience member that allegedly posted the names of winners of the Battle Rounds in social media.

“I am angry. Very, very, very angry. I am proposing that we no longer have audiences invited from outside ABS-CBN because of one (censored). Thanks a lot, (censored), for ruining the experience for everyone else. You no good piece of (censored),” Leah posted.

The Battle Rounds was recorded weeks earlier and will only be aired on ABS-CBN on Saturday. The chosen artist who makes it to the Battle Rounds will automatically advance in Knockout Rounds.

Leah also wrote, “For me, it is less about those results and more about the artists on every team that pour their hearts out through their voices. That is the part that makes this journey such riveting television.

“So, regardless of what you know, watch to witness great artistry in the singers that have made it to those Battles and Knockouts. Watch them as they navigate through the competition rounds, root for your idols when they sing.

“And praise God that our country is blessed with an abundance of musical talent. No spoiler can take that away. So don’t deprive these artists of the attention they deserve. Their voices shall be heard!”