Heart Evangelista preparing to get pregnant

Bride-to-be Heart Evangelista posted on her social networking site account that she went to a doctor for a health check-up. The actress also said that she is thankful to know that she is healthy. She is seriously thinking of having a baby after getting married.

Originally Heart plans to have a baby after three years. She likes to spend the first few years of their marriage in taking care of her soon-to-be husband. However after her doctor’s visit she had a realization on how important it is for a woman to get pregnant in a younger age.

Senator Chiz has two grown-up children with his former wife Christine Flores. The couple celebrated their second anniversary last July. Twenty-nine year old Heart and forty-four year old Senator Francis Escudero got engaged last August 2, 2014. The wedding is set on February 15, 2015 at Balesin Island Club.