In a The Buzz exclusive, ABS-CBN talk show icon Boy Abunda talks about his health. Abunda revealed it was found that there was an abscess in his liver.

He said he undergone treatments to drain all the abscess in his liver. A total of 300 ml of abscess was removed from Boy Abunda’s liver.

After the treatment, Boy decided to have a break and recuperate for his health. He was discharged August 23.

During the said vacation, Gretchen Barreto posted in his social networking site account, “Boy Abunda with his loving long time partner Bong is simply pure joy. It is an answered prayer to see Boy back to his old healthy, energetic ways. You have been greatly missed, Boy.”

Boy Abunda, who is known to be working hard for his mother, amid all the success now only has one prayer that he will not die first before his mother who has a mild dementia. He still wants to take care of his mother.

Abunda added that he may go back on The Buzz, September 14. “Am I absolutely healthy? Maybe at about 90 percent. I am on my way to joyful, great recovery.”

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