Mayor Duterte, Ramon Bautista put ‘hipon’ incident behind them

A week after the Davao city council declared Ramon Bautista ‘persona non grata’, Mayor Duterte seemed to have accepted Bautista’s apology. In an Instagram post by Bautista, Wednesday, a handwritten note saying “To Ramon B Mabuhay Ka!” was said to be given by Duterte.

According to GMA network, RockED founder Gang Badoy paved the way for reconciliation. Badoy, a friend of Bautista’s, had a meeting with Mayor Duterte at the Davao City airport where he informed the mayor of RockEd’s plan to build a park in Davao del Sur made from recycled materials.

Badoy then brought up the issue with Bautista, saying, “If you met under different circumstances, you’ll really enjoy his company.” According to Badoy, Duterte agreed that Bautista looked okay, noting that apologizing was not easy. Badoy, during a phone call with Bautista was noticed by Duterte, who asked if it was Bautista and then proceeded to talk to him on speakerphone.

According to Badoy, the mayor joked of sending kilos of shrimp to Bautista, in reference to his controversial ‘hipon’ or shrimp joke (slang, referring to persons with nice bodies but unattractive faces) which started the misunderstanding. Badoy asked the mayor for a note instead, to which he gladly obliged and was later shared by Bautista.

Mayor Duterte on making peace with Ramon Bautista. Screenshot from Mayor Rodrigo Duterte's Facebook page

Mayor Duterte on making peace with Ramon Bautista.
Screenshot from Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s Facebook page

Following the exchange, Duterte’s initiative seemed to be disagreed upon by others. However, to those who’ll make an issue out of it, Duterte has a word of advice, “When a man humbles himself and apologizes for uttering a slur, that itself erases the wrong…to nurture residual hate against the guy is a human frailty.”

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