Gretchen Barretto on mistress role: ‘Perfect!’

In a contract-signing with Star Cinema, August 14, the youthful-looking 44-year-old actress described her role as a mistress in the 2015 film adaptation of the book, ‘Etiquette of Mistresses’, as “perfect”.

The actress shared that she got excited in doing the project when she read the book. ‘Etiquette of Mistresses’ is a 1992 bestseller by Julie Yap Daza. She quipped that her role won’t need any acting to be portrayed. She described her mistress role as something she loves to do and does best also adding that she’s the happiest mistress.

Gretchen admits that she’s also curious with the different lives of mistresses. According to her, the project is very challenging but she trusts her director, Chito Roño.

Asked if she’s concerned with criticisms she might earn from the role, Gretchen said she’s had her share of experience at her age. Adding, “Right now I can be myself, I can accept any project that I want to play, I can just give you my best.”

Gretchen is also starring in Star-Cinema’s movie, ‘Almost a Love Story’ (formerly ‘The Trial’), another Chito Roño film, including Richard Gomez, John Lloyd Cruz and Jessy Mendiola. The movie is scheduled to be in cinemas October 15 this year.

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