Part 2 of Paolo Bediones’ scandal leaked amid seeking police help

Once again, Paolo Bediones is trending online. A longer private video of the TV host and newscaster Paolo Bediones has surfaced again on the internet, Friday, August 15.

The video, which runs for 16-minutes-13-seconds, showed the TV host making love with the same woman again.

Last month, Paolo Bediones got himself in the hot seat when a scandal of him and an unnamed female partner made rounds online. The issue got mixed reactions from the social media who were shocked that the respected news anchor got dragged in a scandal.

Trending Photo screengrabbed from Yahoo! Philippines

Photo screengrabbed from Yahoo! Philippines

According to reports, Paolo Bediones, who sought the help of the Philippine National Police (PNP) to stop the spread of the video, admitted that his primary suspects were the technicians who repaired his laptop in 2009. It was also reported that Bediones started receiving blackmail letters three months after.

His network station, TV5, supported Bediones during his ordeal last month, his network was reportedly aware of the sex videos even before they leaked online. It was said that his previous management, GMA 7, also knew about the videos, and Paolo Bediones already got reprimanded by his former boss.

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