Vice Ganda says some rally goers are paid, bribed

Jose Marie Viceral also known as Vice Ganda, on the day of President Aquino’s State of the Nation Address speech delivery, said through his Twitter account that not all protesters are really attacking the government, some of them are paid and promised with cash.

Bayan Muna congressman Teddy Casiño reacted by saying those who are in the Congress attending the SONA event were bribed with billions of pesos via Disbursement Acceleration Program.

“He’s entitled to his own opinion but he should have checked his facts,” Casiño said.

Through an interview with, Vice Ganda said he don’t think that there is something wrong with what he said, he noted that some rally goers are really paid.

He clarified that he respect those rally goers who really have something to fight for. Even him is a rally goer during his college years. He salute real activists.

“Kapag may ipinaglalaban, go. Kapag wala, sa bahay [na lang],” Vice Ganda added.

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