Anti-China riots in Vietanam killed at least 16 Chinese, injured hundreds

In an anti-China protests leading to riots in Vietnam, more than 20 were reportedly dead sixteen of which were described as Chinese nationals and five Vietnamese. These killings happened at industrial zones in Vietnam where significant number of workers are Chinese.

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Moreover, hundreds were hurt, mostly Chinese, in the said riot. Vietnamese were in rage burning buildings in the said zones in Binh Duong and Dong Nai provinces due to positioning of a Chinese oil rig in a disputed sea.

A Taiwanese owned airline have already added flights to Vietnam to cater individuals wanting to leave the country. Hundreds of Chinese nationals have also left Vietnam securing their lives through air or by land to Cambodia.

This incident in Vietnam may escalate heated standoff between Chinese and Vietnamese ships arrround the oil rig. If extended, Vietnam’s image as a country safe for investment will be tainted.

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