United States determined in supporting AFP modernization

The United States is determined in supporting the modernization of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and expressed unwavering support for the path the Philippine government chose in solving maritime disputes in West Philippine Sea. “We help support Philippine modernization through excess defense articles,” US Ambassador to the Philippines Philip Goldberg said at the sidelines of the turnover ceremony for ten brand-new Philippine Air Force (PAF) helicopters.

Ambassador Goldberg said there are two C-130s in the pipeline for PAF. He added that US also supports the AFP modernization through foreign military funding, which last year, was at around USD50 million.

“It’s also important because what happens when the equipment is similar and we train together is that interoperability, so that in humanitarian disasters, in cases where rescue missions have to take place that we are working from the same sheet,” the American ambassador added.

He noted that US position is clear “that the way to settle disputes in South China Sea is through legal, peaceful and diplomatic means.”

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