Naval Forces responsible for West PHL Sea, Northern Luzon waters merged: Navy established ‘eye’ in north

Naval Forces North which is responsible for the naval defense and security in Northern Luzon; and Naval Forces West which is responsible for Western Philippines and Kalayaan Island Group were merged into Naval Forces North-West in line with efforts to protect and secure the country’s vast maritime domains. The merger of two naval forces took place July 6.

“In line with the defense planning guidance of National Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin, addressing common threat, the former Naval Forces North was merged with the Naval Forces West into Naval Forces North-West. So there are two naval task forces addressing security concerns within the area,” Naval Task Force 11 commander Captain Albert Mogol said today as quoted by PNA.

Mogol further said that Naval Forces North-West has two operating group. First is Naval Task Force 41 which covers the West Philippine Sea, and Naval Task Force 11 which is responsible for patrolling Northern Luzon waters and humanitarian assistance and disaster relief missions.

Captain Mogol said that Naval Forces North-West covers maritime domains of five regions and 24 provinces, which includes Batanes.

The said province landed in the spotlight after several incidents of Taiwanese incursions were reported earlier. He added that they have sufficient ships and personnel for this mission.

“In the north we have just established our automatic identification system in Batanes so we have already an eye in the north,” Mogol said. “It’s a littoral observatory station, but we call it the littoral monitoring detachment in Batanes and manned by the Philippine Marines.”