US Navy surveillance ship rescues 11 Filipino fishermen in West Philippine Sea

A United States Navy ocean surveillance ship has rescued 11 Filipino fishermen in West Philippine Sea while on its way to Subic Bay July 20. USNS Impeccable sailors spotted personnel on a partially submerged vessel and noted debris in the water, the US Navy said.

“They [Impeccable crew] initially spotted only eight people on the partially submerged vessel,” said Lt. Cory Hilgart, the theater anti-submarine watch officer at Commander, Task Force 74. “They then realized that it was actually 11 and made the call to commence the rescue effort.”

The rescued fishermen, residents of Subic Bay area, were examined by medical personnel and given food and water aboard the US Navy vessel. No serious injuries or illnesses were observed.

“Impeccable is currently en route to Subic Bay for a scheduled port visit where it will debark the rescued fishermen,” the US Navy said in a news release.