Philippine Navy chief: US Pacific Fleet commander’s strong words show US commitment

Philippine Navy Flag-Officer-in-Command Vice Admiral Jesus C. Millan said United States Pacific Fleet Commander’s statement shows United States government’s willingness to maintain stability in the region. US Pacific Fleet Commander Admiral Scott Swift, who is in Philippines for a four-day visit, reassured allies of America’s willingness to act against a perceived Chinese threats.

“His strong statement as Commander Pacific Fleet indicates the US commitment to maintain stability in the region,” Vice Admiral Millan said as quoted by Philippine News Agency.

“This is good for all those using the sea lanes, including us as freedom of navigation and overflight will be maintained,” he added.

Admiral Swift earlier said “we are ready and prepared to respond to any contingency that the President may suggest would be necessary.”

“The reason that people continue to ask about the long-term commitment and intentions of the Pacific Fleet is reflective really of all the uncertainty that has generated in the theater now,” the American Admiral said.