Bayan Muna solon eyeing Senate seat: Angel Locsin gives support

Bayan Muna Party-list Representative Neri Colmenares is considering to run for a higher post in government in the upcoming 2016 elections. He said he “is now seriously considering the challenge but a senatorial run requires a lot of resources and we do not have that.”

However, Colmenares said they have learned from the experience of Teddy Casiño during the 2013 elections when Casiño made a bid to Senate and failed. They saw “the difficulty of a senatorial run without the resources and the support of a slate.”

Various groups and individuals, including Angel Locsin (Angelica Locsin Colmenares), have expressed support and urged Bayan Muna Representative Colmenares to run for senator.

“Tangkililin po natin ang bagong politika para sa bagong pag-asa,” the actress said in a statement read by her sister Ella Colmenares-Sabino during an event yesterday, July 7.

“I thank the groups that encourage me to run in the Senate and I am glad that I am acceptable to diverse groups with diverse political persuasions,” Representative Colmenares said.

“Many believe that I can make a difference because of my track record in advocating against corruption, pork barrel, high prices of electricity and other pro-people issues. Unlike the other candidates I have actually pre-empted the electricity rate hike through the Supreme Court (SC) temporary restraining order (TRO), and actually battled against the pork barrel system,” he added.

Colmenares is representing Bayan Muna part of Makabayan bloc in the House of Representatives and is under the bigger Communist-affiliated political party and alliance of leftist militant organizations known as Bagong Alyansang Makabayan or Bayan.