Five Ways to Avoid Fake Rice from China

The National Food Authority (NFA) has enumerated ways how to avoid fake rice from China. NFA also gave its hotline number 0906-4363133 for anyone to report a case of suspected fake rice. NFA Representatives in and Twitter, Instagram @bigas_nfa are also available to receive reports.

First of five tips the NFA gave is buy only from ‘suki’ store or accredited and licensed NFA retailer. NFA urges the public to purchase only from designated public markets, groceries, supermarkets, and NFA accredited retailers.

Second, be familiar with the characteristics of real rice. Regular-milled and well-milled rice is not too white and long-grained.

Third, check the color and shape of rice. Fake rice is too white, too round, too shiny and grains are uniform in shape (symmetrical). If grains are symmetrical there is a great possibility that the grains are machine-made.

Fourth, smell the rice. “Siguraduhin po natin na hindi amoy plastic ang binibili nating bigas,” NFA said.

Fifth, “iwasang tangkilikin ang bigas na mas magaan ang timbang kaysa sa pangkaraniwan. Hindi rin ito dapat masyadong matigas ang butil at mahirap putulin.”

The food authority added that if anyone suspects that the rice is fake, obtain at least 1 kilo of the suspected rice and make it available (uncooked) to the nearest NFA office for scientific laboratory analysis.

When, where and from whom the suspected rice was bought must also be documented.