Japanese spy planes soon in Philippine military inventory

“The matter of sharing defense equipment and technology with other countries was something unthinkable for Japan previously,” Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin said in a state news report. However, with the recent change in Japan’s defense policy, other countries like the Philippines may now acquire military hardware and equipment from Japan.

“But recently, the Japanese have become more open to such a possibility, something which dovetails quite well with our own thrust to have access to equipment and technology available in our neighbors,” the defense chief further said.

Reports say that Philippines is set to receive four Japanese P-3C “Orion” surveillance and maritime patrol aircraft in a span of one year.

Sevretary Gazmin said “Japan’s defense policy for the region including vis-avis its neighbors have taken a new shape as it embodied in its new security policy where Japan intends to make a proactive contribution to international peace and stability, its re-conceptualization of collective defense equipment to its neighbors to help them develop their respective defense capabilities.”