US government close to fulfilling Congressional request to provide PHL with Archangel – report

While the acquisition project of six close air support aircraft (CASA) for Philippine Air Force is on hold, report from IHS Jane’s says that IOMAX chief executive officer (CEO) Ron Howard noted during the Paris Air Show that the United States government is close to fulfilling a Congressional 1206 Request (Security Assistance) to provide Archangel Border Patrol Aircraft to the Philippines.

Section 1206 of the US National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) has two purposes. First is to enable foreign military and security forces to perform counterterrorism (CT) operations.

The second one is to enable foreign military forces to participate in or to support military and stability operations in which U.S. Armed Forces are participating.

Section 1206 programs are funded from the DOD operations and maintenance (O&M) account.

“The Archangel’s design supports air component requirements for counterinsurgency (COIN), armed reconnaissance (AR), close air support (CAS), forward air control (airborne) (FAC(A)) and combat search and rescue (CSAR),” IOMAX said.

It was reported that IOMAX is interested in joining DND’s CASA acquisition project, however, new date for bid submission and opening is yet to be announced after several rescheduling.

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