Japan currently sees no need for Self-Defense Forces response in West Philippine Sea

The Japanese government currently believes that situation in West Philippine Sea does not need response from Japan Self-Defense Forces. “At this point in time, the Government does not consider the situation in the South China Sea to be a situation that will have an important influence on Japan’s peace and security and that would require the SDF to take responses,” Japan Defense Minister Nakatani said in a regular press conference dated June 12.

Nakatani explained that he will not answer questions about hypothetical scenario on how situation in the South China Sea could turn into a situation that will have an important influence on Japan’s peace and security.

“This is something that would be determined in detail, on a case-by-case basis, by holistically taking into account the scale of the situation that actually took place, what trends led up to it, and what the actual circumstances were at that moment in time,” the Defence chief of Japan said. “This would be something that ought to be decided at that moment in time, based on what the implications were for the security of Japan.”

Philippine Navy and Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force are set for a Navy-to-Navy activity from June 22 to 26. Reports say that Japan navy will deploy one P-3C Orion anti-submarine, maritime surveillance aircraft for a joint training during the said JMSDF visit.

“This Navy-to-Navy engagement envisions to share new tactics, techniques, and procedures as well as best practices to further maritime operations especially now that the Philippines is nearing the rainy season,” PN said.

Staff-to-staff talks will also be conducted during the visit of JMSDF to “strengthen and institutionalize information-sharing between the PN and JMSDF to step-up maritime situational awareness.”