President Aquino explains why he likened China to Nazi

During the press conference with the Japan National Press Club in Tokyo, Japan June 5, President Aquino explained further why he likened China to Nazi Germany. A reporter asked “how do you think your words about Nazi for China? Do you think it hurts Chinese people’s feelings?”

“We have no intentions of hurting anybody’s feelings,” the President said. “If you look at it from an economic perspective, were very, very much in favor of China.”

“Throughout the years, we have not answered, for instance, all of the attacks on the Philippines by the media,” he added. “We have tried to do our best to de-escalate the situation. We have promised to abide by the international law and that’s why we went to arbitration which is found as a means of resolving these disputes in UNCLOS.”

However, “our fishermen today complain that they are no longer being allowed to fish in this particular area [Scarborough Shoal]. They are not allowed to even shelter in the cay during times of inclement weather and have had to modify their feelings.

“I have had to ask them to exert more patience because we do not want to escalate the situation. We keep saying in various fora, hopefully we can concentrate our energies and efforts in growing our economies and making our people more prosperous.

“If you were the Philippines, and suddenly you would have one coastline, in effect, your whole west coast is gone, you will be retained with your east coast, would you say, ‘Yes please, take half of our waterways’?

“I don’t think any country would willingly do that. So we are just standing up for our rights. We respect everybody else’s rights. We ask that our rights also be respected,” President Aquino said.