Coast Guard confirms negotiation for 4 C-23 Sherpa from US military

The Philippine Coast Guard confirms that it is talking with United States military for two US Army Short C-23 Sherpa aircraft to be transferred as Excess Defense Articles. Eesti Rahvusringhääling (Estonian Public Broadcasting) a publicly funded radio and television organisation in Estonia reported earlier that US will donate units of Sherpa C-23B+ to Estonia, Philippines and Djibouti as Excess Defense Articles.

The coast guard added that it is also in the talks for the procurement of additional two Sherpa aircraft.

PCG spokesperson Cmdr. Armand Balilo said an inspection team will be travelling to US next week to check the aircraft. Units of C-23 Sherpa aircraft are being eyed to augment existing Islander planes for maritime patrol missions.

United States used Sherpa C-23 to transport fewer cargoes and small military units in Iraq. It can take off with a load of approximately 5,400 kilograms.