China wary on new Japan-US defense guidelines: Japan now able to defend not just US

After Japan and United States updated guidelines on defense cooperation, China said “We will keep an eye on the future security cooperation between America and Japan.” Chinese foreign ministry said Japan-US alliance should not damage peace in Asia-Pacific.

“It is our strong belief that the US and Japan shoulder the responsibility of ensuring that a third party’s interests will not be damaged and peace and stability of the Asia-Pacific not be undermined by their alliance,” China’s ministry said.

The Chinese government also issued statement regarding Japan and US leaders’ expression of concern over massive reclamation in West Philippine Sea.

“America and Japan are not parties to the South China Sea issue. They should be objective and impartial, and refrain from words and deeds that may complicate the dispute and sabotage regional peace and stability,” the communist country added.

Japan and US recently unveiled new guidelines on defense cooperation that will establish “Japan’s capacity to defend not just its own territory, but also the United States and other partners as needed,” US Secretary of State John Kerry said.