Philippine Marines under 3rd Marine Brigade on April 15 were transported by a US Marine Corps C-130 Hercules from Puerto Princesa to Subic were they will train with their American counterparts during Balikatan 2015.

“Philippine Marines, with 3rd Marine Brigade, Battalion Landing Team 4, load onto a United States Marine Corps C-130 Hercules, Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron 152, on Antonio Bautista Air Base, in Puerto Princesa, Republic of the Philippines,” Lance Cpl. Wesley Timm reports for U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific.

He added that “Philippine Marines used the C-130 as transport from Puerto Princesa to Subic, where they will train shoulder to shoulder with Marines from III Marine Expeditionary Force and increase interoperability between partnering nations.”

Exercise Balikatan 2015, seen as the biggest exercise between Philippines and United States in fifteen years, will officially be opened on April 20 and will run until April 30.