Roilo Golez: China may be constructing mini nuclear plants in West PHL Sea

Former lawmaker Roilo Golez said that he got an information from international sources, in an international conference on East Asia, that China may be building nuclear plants in West Philippine Sea. “I got some info from my international sources that China may be constructing a mini nuclear plant or plants in the Spratlys area since power would a big challenge there to support a military base for fighter planes and frigates.”

“At first I thought that was incredible, but looking at these buildings under construction by China in Cuarteron Reef, I believe a mini nuclear plant is now very probable,” Golez said in a post in his social networking account.

He noted that Chinese government should confirm or deny this issue as soon as possible.

“You can’t tell from the building what they plan to have inside,” he added in a separate post. “Hope my informant is wrong about a possible mini nuclear plant in this area.”