Airbus Defence and Space: Two remaining C-295M will be delivered second half this year

Airbus Defence and Space confirmed to Ang Malaya Net that remaining two Philippine Air Force C-295 aircraft will be delivered ahead of schedule. “The remaining two aircraft will be delivered ahead of schedule during the second half of this year,” Press Manager for Military Aircraft Kieran Daly said through e-mail.

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In early report, first unit was set to be delivered August 2015 and the second one was scheduled by March 2016, while the third aircraft was expected September next year. First unit was already delivered and is now serving as additional support transport to existing C-130s of PAF.

The representative from Airbus Defence and Space also noted that PAF will be receiving the M (military) version of C-295 as ordered by Philippines. “The remaining PAF C295s will not have winglets (W variant). It is normal for operators to order all aircraft in their fleet with the same configuration.”

When asked if the C-295M and C-295W differ in price, Daly said they “don’t disclose detailed pricing information on the aircraft.”

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