US Ship Blue Ridge rescues five Filipinos: What happened next was amazing

Filipino fishermen from Itbayat, Batanes who were rescued at sea by United States Navy sailors last March 25 have finally made their way home. Sailors aboard the command ship of the US Seventh Fleet, USS Blue Ridge assisted the Filipinos who were found adrift for four days and three nights after their fishing boat’s engine broke.

US Navy found them dehydrated and malnourished. Onboard the USS Blue Ridge, the five Filipinos were provided first aid, showers and change of clothes.

After days onboard the US Navy ship, March 30, they were turned over to Philippine Embassy in Japan. “After clearing Japanese Immigration, the stranded Filipinos experienced their first meal and their first night on land after their rescue. They underwent further medical tests to ensure that they continue to be in good health and they were provided additional clothing as protection from the cold spring weather,” the embassy in Japan said.

“While in Tokyo, they also took the opportunity to experience Hanami or cherry blossom season and visit the Franciscan Chapel, a Catholic church in Roppongi, for thanksgiving,” the embassy further said.

On March 31, the Filipino fishermen departed Japan to finally travel back home.

Their rescue, travel to Japan, stay in Tokyo and travel back to the Philippines showed how Philippines, United States and Japan actively cooperate in any situation.