Official turnover and blessing of Airbus C-295 aircraft

The Philippine Air Force officially received the Airbus C-295 twin-turboprop tactical military transport aircraft today, March 30. The aircraft was also blessed. The said aircraft is first out of three ordered medium transport aircraft ordered from Airbus Military. It arrived March 22.

“It will serve as additional transport support to the armed forces’ requirements [with] the three existing C-130s,” Air Force spokesman Lt. Col. Enrico Canaya said.

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“The additional C-295s will enhance the overall capability of the PAF in providing airlift requirements of the Armed Forces of the Philippines during humanitarian assistance and disaster-response operations,” the Air Force spokesman also said.

The manufacturer said “the Airbus Military C295 is a new generation, very robust and reliable, highly versatile tactical airlifter able to carry up to nine tonnes of payload or up to 71 personnel.”

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