First Filipino graduate of Korea Air Force Academy joins PAF

The first Filipino who graduated from Republic of Korea Air Force Academy, Rex Eduard Custorio will be joining the Philippine Air Force. Custorio entered Philippine Military Academy in 2010, in the same year he was sent to South Korea as the first Filipino student to study at Korea Air Force Academy at Cheongju, Chungbuk in South Korea.

He said, he entered PMA for he felt he will affect many lives because the academy is training leaders. “They are training people to make a difference,” as quoted by ABS-CBN News.

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Custorio said, the first main problem he encountered was language barrier, however, he made ways to cope up. He added that the instructors are teaching in a structured way.

According to him, it was not hard to fit in, “tatanggapin ka nila if you show respect to them, their history and tradition.”

There are now three PMAers studying at Korea Air Force Academy.

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