Killed Abu Sayyaf probably the Army Captain who went AWOL

“We are validating this report regarding the killing of Nazmil Sali, and we are also verifying the report that he was indeed the former Army captain, Capt. Khalid Sali who went AWOL (absence without leave) in 2008, or seven years ago,” Armed Forces of the Philippines Public Affairs Office chief Lt. Col. Harold Cabunoc said.

Nazmil Sali is an alleged trusted aide of Abu Sayyaf Group leader Radullan Sahiron. The military received a report that Nazmil Sali was shot by a fellow bandit in the course of a heated disagreement last Monday, March 16 at Kabuntakas, Patikul, Sulu.

The military is now validating if this certain Nazmil Sali is Army Captain Khalid Sali. Sali went AWOL in 2008. He was one of the Moro National Liberation Front integree who joined the 6th Infantry Division early 2000.

He is a nephew of deceased MNLF Sulu vice chair for military affairs Tahir Sali and grandson of Usman Sali. Usman Sali is the MNLF commander implicated in the 1977 Patikul massacre which resulted in the death of then 1st Infantry Division commander Brig. Gen. Teodulfo Bautista and 34 other military personnel on October 10, 1977.

In October 10, 1977, BGen. Bautista and his unarmed men were tricked for a peace dialogue but were massacred by Usman Sali groups. The groups radio operator Army Sgt. Oliver Calzada was the only survivor. He stayed alive by playing dead.